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The Orbital Olympics: The Alternative Olympic Games


Official portrait image of JAXA astronaut Akihiko Hoshide of Japan, mission specialist of STS-124. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Astronauts working at the International Space Station (ISS) from the middle of July onwards are planning to hold their own version of the Olympic Games in space. This orbital sporting event has been specially arranged to mark the [...]

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Get Xbox360 SmartGlass SDK for Free


An Xbox 360 showing the Ring of Death. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) World — Microsoft, the technology giant responsible for Xbox and the Microsoft Windows operating system has released the SmartGlass SDK for Xbox360 free of charge. The SDK (software development kit) is the application which programmers must use to develop software and games for a [...]

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London Universities Most Dangerous Says Crime League Table


London Meteropolitan Campus/Image via Wikipedia – Ramillies A university league table released earlier today has shown that more crimes take place around higher education institutions in inner London than anywhere else in England and Wales. The bottom 18 places on the table were all filled by universities in the capital city, with Manchester Metropolitan University [...]

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Amazon’s New Cloud Player App for iPod Touch and iPhone


On June 12, Amazon released its Cloud Player in a form which is compatible with the iPod Touch and iPhone. The app comes free of charge and is available through the App Store, allowing users to download, manage and stream their music in ‘the cloud’ — no more music downloads. Users can access both MP3s, [...]

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High Prize Awaits City Of The Future


English: David Willetts speaking at the Big Society policy launch, Coin St, London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) UK – £24m of Government funding has been promised to one enterprising British city. The Future Cities Demonstrator competition to find ‘a city for the future’ was launched earlier this week by The Technology Strategy Board (TSB).  To be [...]

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