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Colombia’s ‘Turtle Boy’ Has Giant Birthmark Removed


Colombia — A British surgeon has freely given his skills and time to assist a six-year old child known to as ‘Turtle Boy’ because of the large shell-like mole affecting his back. The success of the surgery will now allow him to live a normal life. Didier Montalvo, of Colombia, had the rare condition called [...]

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Catholic Education Service Under Investigation After Gay Marriage Petition


The Catholic Education Service (CES) is being investigated by education officials after it emerged that nearly 400 schools were asked to encourage their pupils to sign an anti-gay marriage petition. The petition, organised by the Coalition for Marriage, was circulated to state-funded Catholic high schools by the CES earlier this year. A letter which has [...]

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Employment Training For Young Offenders In Dorset Institution

Young Offenders

Young Offenders’ Centre/Image via Morguefile Portland, a young offenders’ institution in Dorset, UK, has been commended for its aim to re-train all youth in education to minimise their chance of re-offending.  Portland, a borstal that holds men aged from 18 to 21 years, has said that they want to steer offenders on the right path [...]

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100 Days to go: Olympic Athletes’ Hub Launched


To mark the 100-day countdown to the games the International Olympic Committee has launched its own social network, allowing Olympic athletes and fans to interact and connect. This new social media platform combines Facebook and Twitter feeds in one easy to access site, inspiring both competitors and fans to form an interactive friendship throughout the [...]

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A Driving Advantage For The Elderly


UK – Going by the nickname ‘granny-nav’ and included in a £12 million UK Research Council programme to help the elderly achieve better navigation while driving, new technology intends to assist older drivers to stay out there on the road as scientists use cues and visual prompts to aid with easier travelling routes, highlighting the [...]

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