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Law Graduates Employment Figures Plummet


Boston College: The Old World’s enduring influ… Boston College. Image via Wikipedia This month saw one anonymous third year student at Boston College of Law write a letter to the Dean offering to give up his degree to improve the university’s performance figures in exchange for his tuition fee back. This event has caused many [...]

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US Immigrant Job Seekers Fairing Better Than Natives

Immigrant workers fairing better post recession than native job seekers.

As the US recovers from the harshest recession in decades a report published yesterday, comparing recent employment trends for American-born citizens and immigrants workers, comes to a controversial conclusion. The report, issued by the Pew Hispanic Centre, analysed employment trends during this years second quarter and compared them with the same quarter last year. The [...]

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Schools Face Cuts For Ignoring Bullying

Bullying To Limit Budgets

US – The US Department of Education has announced that they are introducing a new policy in which schools, colleges and universities may run the risk of losing federal funding if they fail to stop students being bullied. A letter issued to educational institutions on Tuesday outlined every school’s legal responsibility, according to federal civil [...]

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University Budget Shortfall Widens


Vince Cable MP addressing a Liberal Democrat c… Image via Wikipedia Following the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) universities will have their budgets cut by £2.9 million. The lifting of the cap on tuition fees will not offset the shortfall between the cost of teaching a student and the funding the Universities receive, claimed Professor Andrew [...]

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Barack Obama to Talk Business in Mumbai

By Elizabeth Cromwell (http://chesh.org/barack/DSC_0007.JPG)[see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons

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