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New Zealand Gaming Boosts Employment


Wellington, New Zealand/ Image via Wikipedia New Zealand – New Zealand has seen its employment numbers boosted thanks to the gaming industry. More than 20 gaming studios reported a 46 per cent staff growth in a recent survey conducted by the New Zealand Game Developers Association (NZGDA). The data on this growth surge was released [...]

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Mentoring Scheme To Benefit Business Owners And MDs


A logistics provider’s warehouse/ Image via Wikipedia UK – Senior staff in the supply chain profession are set to reap the benefits of the UK Warehousing Association’s (UKWA) launch of a new official mentoring scheme that will allow expertise and experience to be tapped by execs within the industry. With last week’s announcement of the [...]

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NHS Chiefs Facing Sack Over Cost Cutting


Andrew Lansley/ Image via Wikipedia UK – Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, has threatened NHS bosses with the sack if they ration care as a method of budgeting. Lansley is looking to put an end to ‘minimum waiting times’ that are imposed before hospitals will provide elective treatments to patients, with the minister set to [...]

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Did Children On Watch-Lists Get Through UK Border Controls?


David Cameron is fully backing the Home Secretary/ Image via Wikipedia UK – Notes from a Governmental meeting have revealed that concerns have been expressed by some of the country’s Border Agency staff over the Home Secretary’s order not to check children who are arriving into Britain against any watch-lists. And after a secondary leak, [...]

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Convicted Garda Fights To Remain On The Job


Garda car, Ireland/Image via Wikipedia Ireland – The disgraced Garda sergeant who received a suspended sentence after she assaulted a man whilst he was arrested is fighting not to lose her job. Sergeant Martha McEnery is in receipt of 75 per cent of her full salary even though she is currently suspended from her duties [...]

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