Distance Learning for Welsh Pupils as Snow Closes Schools

school child snow 300x200 Distance Learning for Welsh Pupils as Snow Closes Schools
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E-Learning being discussed as snow closes schools

Due to recent snow and severe weather conditions the Welsh government are issuing guidelines on school closure this week, suggesting schools consider distance learning if they are forced to close.

Many government ministers and parents have voiced concerns about the number of school days pupils are missing due to bad weather conditions. Last year’s winter weather saw over half the schools in Wales close.

This year as more snow and ice is forecast the Education Minister for Wales, Mr Leighton Andrews, is providing schools with guidance for extreme weather conditions. The document, which will be sent to all schools, includes advice on risk assessment to help schools decide if closure is absolutely necessary.

The guidance, will give examples which can be used for schools in varying circumstances. It will suggest appropriate actions which can be taken in order to keep the school open and is designed to give support to head teachers so they can confidently make the best decision for the school.

Mr Andrews made a commitment earlier this year to provide schools with guidance on measures to take in extreme bad weather following widespread disruption and closures of schools due to cold weather and heavy snowfall at the beginning of the year.

Where schools must close he suggests that home study arrangements or distance learning solutions could be put in place to ensure that pupils can continue their learning or catch up on missed work. Some form of home study would be especially important for children in years 10 – 13 so as to keep disruption to examination courses to a minimum.

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