Hitachi Heads to the Clouds

hitachi 300x199 Hitachi Heads to the Clouds
Hitachi breaking the mould with their new external portable memory drive

The new Hitachi range of disk drives runs off the cloud.

Launched back in July, Hitachi’s new hard drive family called ‘LifeStudio’ has managed to break the mould when it comes to external disk drives and portable data storage technology. It not only provides a fully-interactive experience and two levels of reliable backup, but it’s also one of the first to make use of cloud technology.

This is a product that’s multi-media ready and designed to manage, protect and backup your photos, movies, music and files. It even allows you to share photos on Facebook, Flickr and Picasa – all from one application.

Unfortunately, none of this puts it too far ahead of the other gadgets on the market (I can do that from my Android phone I hear you say). However, it has one major ace up its sleeve – it does it all via a cloud system that means, as long as the drive is connected to a computer, the content you want can literally be pulled from a cloud wall on the drive from any computer in the world.

Hitachi says ‘The LifeStudio Desk external drive automatically finds and organizes photos, movies, music, and files into a stunning 3D wall. So, you can easily view all of your content from your computer and popular sites like Facebook’.

With plenty of capacity for automatic local backup, and the included online backup capabilities, it’s easy to protect your entire digital library. What’s more, you can access your files from any computer or smartphone using an internet browser, or share with others by sending a web link. iPad and iPhone apps are also available at additional cost.

Because today’s by-word is mobility, the drive utilises USB technology with auto sync so you can take either the drive or just the USB key when you go. Since it has no cables it’s easy to access your drive from your computer using the included dock. You can take the whole drive with you or just elect to take the key with a 4gb capacity.

How big is big enough? Well, it has up to two TB of storage capacity (2048 GB) or about 35,000 hours of music (or almost four years of continual unrepeated music). Enough for almost anyone!

From £75 to £150, depending on the storage capacity you choose, it won’t break the bank either. Great for small companies or where a company has people on the road who need to access company information.

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