Samsung Galaxy S3 Exceeds Apple iPhone 5 in Pre-Christmas Sales

Samsung Galaxy S3 Now in Blue 176x300 Samsung Galaxy S3 Exceeds Apple iPhone 5 in Pre Christmas Sales
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Now in Blue
While Apple may have won the patent war, this week’s stock quotes show Samsung with their Galaxy S3, both selling at Amazon,  as the real victor. Dropping nearly 3% on the NASDAQ by close of day Friday, a beleaguered and court worn Apple shows serious signs of weakened innovation.

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On the contrary, rival electronics manufacturer, Samsung, has shaken off its recent $1.05 billion damages loss to Apple and continues to climb steadily in the market. Up 8% for the day on Friday, December 07, 2012, Samsung’s sales, including those related to its Galaxy S3, rocked the market and exhilarated shareholders.

Galaxy S3 sales for the 2012 3rd quarter reached 18 million, giving Samsung’s latest installment to its Galaxy series the title of most popular smart phone of the season. Leaving Apple’s iPhone 4 and 5 struggling for air somewhere in the stratosphere, the Galaxy S3 retails at around $900.00; a little over $100.00 more than the lagging iPhone 5 at $779.00.

Samsung Galaxy S3 available on Amazon 300x139 Samsung Galaxy S3 Exceeds Apple iPhone 5 in Pre Christmas Sales
Samsung Galaxy S3 - available on Amazon
 Apple’s lower price might well be seen to buyers as a way to lure sales the company’s way, but Smartphone users aren’t taking the bait. Much of the Galaxy’s current fan base is comprised of reformed iPhone consumers looking for a less glitchy, smoother running phone.

Reviews vary, but the majority of Galaxy S3 purchasers prefer the phone’s overall design to that of the iPhone 5.
Lighter and more aesthetic, the Galaxy, running on Android OS, gives users access to a multitude of proven games, apps, and programs not necessarily supported by the iPhone 5’s ios6.

Other reasons consumers have chosen not to opt for the i5 include signal weakness, not much improvement from the iPhone 4, and problems with running everyday applications like Google Maps.

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Apple’s lagging sales and lessened consumer satisfaction with the iPhone 5 have prompted the company to continue its legal proceedings with Samsung. Asking courts to ban the sale of several Samsung phones, including the S3, and pursuing more than $750 million in damages and infringement, Apple hopes to prevent irreparable wreckage of the company’s bottom line by cutting off its rival’s ability to sell.

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