Shropshire School Put Under Special Measures For “Not Enough Good Or Better Teaching”

ofsted1 150x136 Shropshire School Put Under Special Measures For “Not Enough Good Or Better Teaching”UK- Morville Church of England Primary School of Shropshire was put under special measures this week for failing to prevent repeated under-achievement.

In a damning report revealed by education watchdog Ofsted – Office for Standards in Education, the school was criticised for having a desperately low standard of teaching in its classrooms.  Findings from the report also showed an insufficient level of “good or better” teaching to prevent pupils from further continuing to under perform.

Morville C of E, a mainstream state controlled primary school is situated in the village of Morville; just outside of Bridgnorth in the Shropshire countryside.  All of its 53 pupils come from the surrounding villages ranging between 5 and 11 years of age.

Governors and parents met with headteacher of the school Helen-Heaton Cooper on Wednesday to discuss the Ofsted report’s finding.  In their comments, they said the reports finding were “quite harsh.”

Chairperson of the board of governors, Liz Townsley said it was unfortunate how Ofsted’s findings were based on the population of “our small class numbers influencing the final report.”  However she said they welcomed the opportunity to focus the strength of the governors in all the areas which needed developing, “where we as governors can further support the school.”

The report by the watchdog came following an inspection in May in which the school inspector revealed, though the school had many strengths, there was an overall need for special measures, particularly in key stage 1 and 2.

Despite noting many areas where staff needed to increase the quality of teaching- the inspector did note welcoming developments in the areas of pupil attentiveness, behaviour and confidence.  “Pupils are respectful, helpful and polite. All get on well together and older pupils show great care and support for the younger pupils.”

However in its conclusion it was noted that there was not enough good teaching to eliminate under achievement.

Shropshire council’s cabinet member for education – Cecilia Motley said the inspection done earlier this year was “conducted under the new inspection arrangements, which are harsher and more demanding”.  She added the report was “harsh” in its criticism, but the council were working with teachers and governors to implement the changes required by the regulatory body, Ofsted.

 Shropshire School Put Under Special Measures For “Not Enough Good Or Better Teaching”

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