London Universities Most Dangerous Says Crime League Table

Electra House London Universities Most Dangerous Says Crime League Table
London Meteropolitan Campus/Image via Wikipedia - Ramillies

A university league table released earlier today has shown that more crimes take place around higher education institutions in inner London than anywhere else in England and Wales. The bottom 18 places on the table were all filled by universities in the capital city, with Manchester Metropolitan University coming next on the list for high crime rates.

The league table lists 103 institutions and is based on police statistics detailing local robberies and assaults against both students and non-students. Crimes committed within a three-mile radius of university campuses were taken into account when compiling the table, which appears in the Complete University Guide.

King’s College London, London South Bank and London Metropolitan have the highest crime rates. The lowest rates are found in the less densely populated student areas of Aberystwyth, Durham and Buckingham. London Metropolitan has disputed the accuracy of the table, however, claiming that the information is based on only one of the institution’s three sites in the capital and does not reflect the experience of most students.

Three Birmingham universities have also voiced concerns that the league table will mislead those hoping to study in the West Midlands, as the figures are not solely based on crimes against students.

Whilst arguments are being forwarded that crime levels are in no way indicative of the standards of education students will receive, it has also been suggested that the rise in tuition fees means it has never been more important for prospective undergraduates to have a keen sense of the environment in which they will be studying.

The Complete University Guide suggests that around one in three students will be a victim of crime whilst completing a degree. Violent muggings, sexual assault and robbery are amongst the offences considered most likely to affect students.

American universities are legally obliged to provide crime figures from campuses and student accommodation to prospective students and their families. No such requirement is currently made of higher education institutions in England and Wales. However Dr Bernard Kingston, founder of the Complete University Guide, has stated that it would be reassuring if such information was freely available for perusal.

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