Amazon’s New Cloud Player App for iPod Touch and iPhone

 Amazons New Cloud Player App for iPod Touch and iPhone
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English: An iPod touch display unit at my local Apple Store. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On June 12, Amazon released its Cloud Player in a form which is compatible with the iPod Touch and iPhone. The app comes free of charge and is available through the App Store, allowing users to download, manage and stream their music in ‘the cloud’ — no more music downloads. Users can access both MP3s, which are bought from Amazon as well as files, which are already on their Apple products.

When a user has downloaded the app, they will be able to add songs from their computer, which can be done through the Amazon Cloud website. At the same time, users can use the app sot access music which is already on their iPod Touch.

Users who download the app will be allotted an automatic 5GB of space in the cloud for their music. In addition, Amazon has had an offer to give users who buy additional space for their music the chance to store unlimited MP3 and AAC files, free of charge.

Many tech businesses are currently developing cloud computing software. The term cloud computing refers to a system in which the software and a great deal of the files which  can be accessed by the user are stored on company servers rather than on the user’s devices. This means that the user can access more space than is available on their device, and can access music, for example, from different locations. To do so the iPod Touch or iPhone will require a network connection.

This new app demonstrates the growing popularity of cloud computing systems, which are increasing in number and complexity as internet connections are made more reliable and fast. The Google Docs Cloud System enables users to store, edit and create files online. Amazon now allows users to read ebooks with its online CloudReader.

Handheld devices such as the iPhone and iPod have already increased the portability of computing and entertainment. As tech companies combine portable devices with cloud solutions, the flexibility and speed with which users can access their data and software should continue to grow.

Apple iPod touch 8GB (4th Generation) – Black – Current Version

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 Amazons New Cloud Player App for iPod Touch and iPhone

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