TVF Releases Film on Sporting Wimbledon

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English: Preparing the lawn in Court #1. RATC Wimbledon, London, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UK — True Volunteer Foundation (TVF), an international charitable organisation, has recently premiered a film, ‘Common Ground’, which charts the sporting history of Wimbledon. Claire Ashfield, TVF’s director of marketing, explained that this year the foundation wished to focus its efforts on the United Kingdom.

Common Ground recalls the history of Wimbledon from a sporting perspective, starting  with the first sports which were played there in the 19th century and ending with the current efforts in the local area. As well as educating the viewer on the history of Wimbledon, the purpose of the film is to encourage a new generation of  young people to take part in sporting activities. To do this, TVF will distribute the film to schools around Wimbledon and the surrounding area during the run up to the Olympics.

Claire Ashfield expressed the importance of sport in the lives of young people, especially as a part of a healthy lifestyle, providing important exercise. She and the film also mentioned how sport is valuable in teaching young people teamwork and social skills.

The premiere of the film took place in the Odeon cinema, Wimbledon, with the after-party being held in The Terrace nearby – both these venues were provided free of charge.

Many sporting figures and celebrities appeared in the film, also at no cost, such as Lawrie Sanchez (who played for the famous ‘crazy gang’ Wimbledon football team) and chef Ainsley Harriot. It is estimated that Common Ground would have cost £90,000 to make under normal circumstances, but TVF managed to produce the film for £400 — with lots of generosity from its True Volunteers, partners, and people from the community.

Claire Ashfield described the feeling of seeing the film screened for the first time as ‘amazing’, adding that it was inspiring to see so many people connected by sport. Claire added that it was astounding that the charity was able to produce the picture so cheaply; no True Volunteers claim any pay or even expenses for their work.

Common Ground will be distributed as the Olympics approach and the excitement which precedes this great sporting event grows. TVF has worked hard to make sure that it will inspire as many young people as is possible, so that they will become the next generation of sports people.

 TVF Releases Film on Sporting Wimbledon

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