Youth Unemployment Has Risen To Almost A Million

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UK – This year’s large number of school leavers has increased the amount of young people who are not in employment or training to almost a million.  The Department of Education has reported that in the first three months of this year, there were one in six 16-24 year olds in NEET, which stands for ‘not in education, employment or training’.  There are currently 954 000 NEET young people, which is a three per cent increase compared to the first three months of 2011.

This incredibly high figure reflects the dismal reality of the UK economy — that the recession has left a lack of public and private jobs for young people.  It is highly unlikely that the problem of young unemployment will be reduced anytime soon. The Office for National Statistics has announced that the British economy has shrank by 0.3% in 2012 so far.

A spokesman for the Department of Education claimed that the introduction of the Youth Contract scheme will lead to a rise in the number of young people in employment.  The scheme is run by the government, who have recently invested £1billion in order to offer incentive funds, with the hope of encouraging companies to employ young people.

However, as a long term measure the Department of Education has plans to improve standards of vocational education in schools.  This will be reassurance for employers, in that school leavers have the relevant skills and qualifications to excel in their company.

Current statistics show a worrying 18.5 per cent of 19-24 year olds as NEET.  Labour has accused the Conservative government of jeopardising the future of the next generation.  Shadow Education Minister, Karen Buck, has criticised the Conservatives claiming that they are enacting the biggest cuts in education since the 1950s, which have not helped Britain to get out of recession.  Britain is experiencing a double dip recession while youth unemployment continues to rise.

It was reported in September of last year that there were more UK school leavers classed as ’NEET’ than in countries such as Estonia and Slovenia.  This year has not seen any real improvement and it seems that a generation of young people have been forgotten. Youth Unemployment Has Risen To Almost A Million

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