Headteacher salaries rise above £100,000: more than the Prime Minister

file4121250271432 150x150 Headteacher salaries rise above £100,000: more than the Prime MinisterUK- Hundreds of public school headteachers are raking in six-figure salaries, it has been revealed.  According to the data published for the first time by the Department for Education, around 700 head teachers from public schools across the country are being awarded salaries of up to £100,000, despite a widespread public sector pay freeze.

The figures have shown that 200 of the leaders could possibly be earning up to £200,000, and 500 of the number taking home salaries between £100,000 and £110,000.  This is more than the Prime Minister, who is paid a salary of £142,500, as published in the Members Pay and Allowance Guide by the House of Commons.

As a result there have been repeated calls from state school staff for high earner privately funded teachers to disclose their pay.  Chris Keates, the general secretary for NASUWT, which is one of the country’s largest teachers’ unions said, “Why should they be exempt from chief executives in the public sector that have to have their salaries published?”

NASUWT also reported many academy schools were evading stringent controls over pay, and were being allowed to award huge salaries to senior staff.  Academies are state funded, but are free from control by local councils and can function outside of national standards and guidelines.  Salaries of school teachers in academies are almost double the pay of a normal state school teacher.

A spokesperson from the DfE said academies are given more freedom on pay and frameworks to allow them to attract and retain the best staff, allowing them to be more innovative.  Most academies teach on a secondary-level, which may explain, in part, the higher pay grades.

However, Christine Blower, the general secretary of the National Union of Teachers described how salaries for public sector teachers had dramatically fallen between 2010 and 2011, for the first time in generations.  “A two-year pay freeze, long-term cuts to teacher pensions and an increase in pension contributions has led to this parlous state.”

The reported figures are suggested to be much higher however, as hundreds of schools across the country have recently failed to report senior staff salaries.

 Headteacher salaries rise above £100,000: more than the Prime Minister

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