100 Days to go: Olympic Athletes’ Hub Launched

300px IOC Logo.svg 100 Days to go: Olympic Athletes’ Hub Launched

Deutsch: Logo des IOC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To mark the 100-day countdown to the games the International Olympic Committee has launched its own social network, allowing Olympic athletes and fans to interact and connect. This new social media platform combines Facebook and Twitter feeds in one easy to access site, inspiring both competitors and fans to form an interactive friendship throughout the games.

The Olympic Athletes’ Hub presents over 1000 athletes, combining both past and present competitors in one unified social network. Users sign in through either their Facebook or Twitter accounts and select their favourite competitors to follow and interact with. This allows them to see photos, training tips and general comments and opinions from the competitors.

The site was created to enhance communication surrounding the Olympic Games and create a unified support network involving both the competitors and the fans. By working with the International Sports Federations and National Olympic Committees the IOC ensures that all of the athletes’ accounts are official and authorised, creating a genuine experience.

To encourage fans to use the site a reward scheme has been created. Points can be gained by following a high number of athletes and interacting with the community. This unlocks rewards such as training tips from top athletes, like Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. There are also non-virtual rewards such as autographed shirts and collectable items. When you log on to the site you are offered a list of top followed and featured athletes to search through and follow. There is also a Global Leaderboard showing the top ten positions in the competition amongst fans for the reward scheme.

As the countdown to the Olympics continues the activity of the Hub will increase, offering live chats from within the Athletes Village and a live stream of activity. Ideally the site will inspire fans and athletes alike to join in the global community of the 2012 Olympics.


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