The Guardian to introduce new in-house journalism training

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The new Guardian (Photo credit: OwenBlacker)

UK – This week Guardian News and Media announced that they will branch into journalism training in 2013.  The Guardian is set to launch their course in digital journalism after making a loss of £33 million last year.

The training course will cost a student £9000 to study towards the journalism qualification. The Guardian has decided to offer their training course through a partnership with a university. Spokesman for PR at Guardian News and Media Richard Lindsay commented that as yet, GNM has not chosen the university with which they will collaborate.

City University in London were in talks with the Guardian about a potential partnership in February but the talks broke up without a final agreement.  The Guardian has not confirmed the name of the university with which they are now in talks.Lindsay stated that the Guardian’s journalism training course would offer an insight from people in the industry.  In addition, it would also be a guide of how to use new information systems advantageously in the modern world of professional journalism.

The Guardian’s move into the training business has come at a time when, after making a loss last year, the newspaper faces going out of print.  Journalists working for the Guardian always comment that the newspaper for its focus on reporting on the facts unlike some newspapers which primarily focus on making a profit.  The Chief Executive of GMG, Andrew Miller, has told staff that if no changes are made then the newspaper will be forced to publish only in electronic form as it is expected that cash will run out in approximately five years.

Struggling media businesses would do well to follow the Guardian’s example.  Media companies can generate money and also give back to the community by teaching the skills of how to write in a compelling way within the media.  The content of the digital journalism training course could include interviewing techniques, photography and how to produce and edit videos.  By teaching the community readers and web users can expect a larger number of citizen journalists to emerge to fill more editorial jobs.

Future opportunities could include media companies teaching other companies in how to use high quality media to tell their stories effectively.  This could be a long-term money saving technique as most businesses turn to PR companies to get their stories published.  Businesses could learn how to improve business communications and ultimately strengthen the bond between media and business.

 The Guardian to introduce new in house journalism training

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