Google X Laboratory Releases Digital Glasses

Googlelogo Google X Laboratory Releases Digital Glasses

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USA — Google has released a video and a series of photos demonstrating their ultramodern digital glasses. The secretive Google X Lab, based in Mountain View, California has been working on the augmented reality glasses for the last 2 years, having now released a YouTube video showing a ‘day in the life’ of a ‘Project Glass’ user. The creators, Babakl Parviz, Steve Lee and Sebastian Thurun are hoping that the video and photos will allow the public to engage with the possibility of their product’s everyday use, and are openly inviting thoughts and opinions before the glasses go on sale.

The YouTube video and photos show how the digital glasses might look and function. Viewed through the eyes of the user, the YouTube viewer sees the glasses react to the world, offering a weather forecast, GPS guidance, text messaging and photography amongst other functions. The different functions use Android technology with voice input and are thought to have a 3G or 4G data connection, motion sensors and GPS.

The design is sleek and almost looks like an extended Bluetooth headset. A metal band sits along the eyebrows, kept in place by the standard nose pads found on any pair of glasses. A small pane of glass sits just above the line of vision and is where the functions of the digital glasses are viewed.

The glasses have generated a great deal of publicity, along with worries about the possible side effects and risks. Not are commentators stressing issue of privacy in relation to access to personal emails and information being even more readily available and open to theft, but there is also the privacy risk of Google having an insight into exactly where its users go and what they do. There has also been some discussion as to whether the glasses will pose as a distraction while walking or driving and therefore a safety risk.

So far no release date has been announced, but it is said to be later this year, with Google employees testing the glasses in public. The laboratory where the glasses are being made is known for its secrecy, with tech commentators suggesting that the Google X Laboratory is also working on robots and space elevators.

 Google X Laboratory Releases Digital Glasses

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