LinkedInfluence – LinkedIN Training To Ensure LinkedIN Works For You

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(PAB News) 16th Jan 2012

Linked Influence a new course from Lewis Howes fills the needs of business men and women who seek a comprehensive understanding of Linked In.  The course furnishes the student with the tools and techniques required to make best use of LinkedIn and further ones career or improve business opportunities.

The course comprises plenty of material in the form of pdfs, videos and audio files. All of the material is presented in a coherent manner and is designed to help students gain the skills and knowledge needed to leverage their LinkedIn account to gain greatest possible advantage from one of the most decisive social networks. Further details of the course along with a free mini course can be found here.

LinkedIn is a respected and rapidly expanding social networking site and is already used worldwide by business people numbering into the millions. The site is designed to allow users to progress their careers either by finding jobs and networking with potential employers or by making business connections in related industries or across industries and markets.

One statistic which speaks volumes about the credibility and professionalism of the average LinkedIn user is the average income of each member – reportedly $109,000 – not an insignificant figure.  When you then consider that there are over 100 million members, it soon becomes apparent that the potential of this site for furthering your objectives is staggering.

One key feature of LinkedIn which makes it so popular in the business world is that it is the only site focussed entirely on business. Thus, there are none of the distractions afflicting sites such as Facebook and Twitter etc. However, it is important not to simply jump into the site without any knowledge of what you are doing.

To achieve the most from the site is not straight forward and not always intuitive. Therefore, some form of training on how best to utilise the site is recommended. Fortunately, courses such as LinkedInfluence exist to provide a great deal of information on LinkedIN. LinkedInfluence, for example, focuses on providing the LinkedIn student the knowledge required to get the best results from their LinkedIN page, in a fast and effective manner.

The video below provides an interview with the creator of Linked Influence , Lewis Howes. In the video he provides some great tips on utilising LinkedIN.

The full LinkedIn course from Howes is divided into four modules addressing certain tenets of the LinkedIn system, and which increase in specialisation as the user progresses.

Module 1 introduces the user to the LinkedIn network, giving LinkedIn members important information on the way the website functions and how they should drive traffic to their page, and also how to integrate LinkedIn into their social networking system.

Module 2 concerns how business people can utilise the connection features to create their own LinkedIn network.

Module 3 sets out how the user should get the best business connections which will boost their company as well as helping the user to guide their career.

Module 4 instructs the user on how to create and grow a page for their company, and in turn, how to use it to drive traffic to their own site.

For more information on this course and to get access to a free LinkedIn course for business click here.

 LinkedInfluence   LinkedIN Training To Ensure LinkedIN Works For You

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