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(PAB News) 28th Dec 2011

LinkedInfluence is a new on-line training scheme which can seriously accelerate the benefits of social networking for your business using the LinkedIn site. With a number of different videos, audio files and pdfs it claims to provide businessmen and job-seekers alike with the training they need to get the most from their LinkedIn account .

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LinkedInfluence - Module 1 of 4

LinkedIn has over 100 million members and spreads over 200 countries. However, unlike other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter the focus of this network is business and career. Thus it is the perfect platform to rapidly build a new client base, promote professional services or connect with potential employers via recruitment firms or directly.

As an indication of the calibre of LinkedIn members surveys have shown that the average salary of its 100 million members is approximately $109,000 which hints that it is worth investigating the network more closely.

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LinkedIn, was recently valued at $6 billion and shows rates of growth which suggests it is rapidly catching up with Facebook and Twitter. However, being totally focused on the workplace and business, it has become the first place to visit on-line for business-related debate without distracting ‘tittle-tattle‘.

With the site continually developing and offering more and more comprehensive services it is not surprising that many users, new and experienced are not getting the most from their profile owing to a lack of time and training. It can take many hours investigating forums and on-line help sessions trying to determine which features are most appropriate to ones personal circumstances. For example, how best can a job seeker present themselves on-line to get that elusive interview with their chosen employer. Alternatively, how would a business owner most effectively build a network of trusting leads over time.

This is where courses such as LinkedInfluence come in. Written by Lewis Howes, who has already written 2 books on the subject and given a number of seminars on LinkedIn, the course provides a focused on-line training programme.

The LinkedInfluence provides four modules which is tailored for novices and experts alike and takes them through the basics through to the finer technicalities that can really make the difference.

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linkedinfluence MEMBERS

To see course details and get access to a free-mini course on LinkedIn4Business click here.

Module One promise to ‘lay the foundation’. By the end of the module you’ll have your profile set up and optimised such that it is as visible as possible for your chosen keywords that you are targeting. It will also ensure your profile is fully integrated with other social networks so that exposure is maximised across your Twitter and Facebook accounts amongst others.

Module Two develops techniques to grow your target audience using existing business groups as well as showing you the best ways to developing your own group. Other strategies for networking and increasing your outreach are also introduced here.

Now that the basics have been covered the third Module claims to raise your LinkedIn presense up a notch by introducing a number of techniques which could help you drive large volumes of traffic to your website or blog. Alternatively strategies are developed which could lead you to your dream job or introduce you to business investors.

The final module is for business owners looking to get even more leads and build the company brand online. It shows how to leverage LinkedIn features such as ‘questions and answers’, company videos, customer testamonials, connection your employers and many more.

In the video below Lewes Hewes introduces the couse and explains why LinkedIn is the best platform for developing your business presense.


trans Linked Influence Review   LinkedIn Training For Your Business

To see course details and get access to a free-mini course on LinkedIn4Business click here.


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 Linked Influence Review   LinkedIn Training For Your Business

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