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wp syndicator Automated Backlinks and Syndication Tool   WP Syndictor
wp syndicator
Andy Fletcher’s new SEO Backlinking and syndication tool, WP Syndicator,  for promoting a blog promises to rapidly optimise a Word Press (WP) blog, sending its ranking up the search results.

Generally, other than creating great content the rest of a blog owners time is spent promoting their blog and trying to get each post indexed with the search engines. Well, Fletcher’s` product promises to have your blog posts promote themselves saving you lots of time and effort. It does this by syndicating your content on the top web 2.0 properties on the net.

His product, which is a WP plugin, enables the blog administrator to get great traffic through a specialised feed, building bespoke links and large scale syndication – all of which is done automatically. The additional traffic which this system delivers means more hits and more cash for money-making bloggers.

The SEO plugin’s main feature is its automated blog promotion system. Every time the blogger using this service makes a post, WP syndicator will automatically promote the post on many major sites which are personally picked by Fletcher. WP syndicator will post links to the specific post on these sites which have great traffic. All this would take hours if it were done manually, but the syndicator does it automatically, and there’s no need to worry about being accused of spamming, these sites are intended for this kind of promotion.

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Some of the Micro Blogging sites where your articles are sent.

When WP syndicator posts on one of the sites, it will feature an extract from the blog entry, with a link which uses the best keywords to get search traffic. WP syndicator even uses microblogging sites such as ones where posts are a maximum of 120 characters, posting the first 120 characters of the blog post’s title, with a link which is automatically shortened. Through these methods, WP syndicator is able to produce great backlinks for a blog on a grand scale.

This SEO tool’s name comes form its sophisticated syndication system. If a committed blogger has a cluster of blogs which share the same subject, this tool, when they administrator posts, will syndicate the content to their other blogs, with the blogger determining how much content gets syndicated. This means that they get to have new content on all their blogs so that search engines will notice and index them, meaning more traffic and more money – for every one of the blogs which they choose to syndicate!

This tool offers all these features under full automation, allowing the blogger to concentrate on creating great content. All the blogger needs to do is buy the product, install the plugin and press go!

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 Automated Backlinks and Syndication Tool   WP Syndictor

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