Convicted Garda Fights To Remain On The Job

300px Garda car Convicted Garda Fights To Remain On The Job
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Ireland – The disgraced Garda sergeant who received a suspended sentence after she assaulted a man whilst he was arrested is fighting not to lose her job.

Sergeant Martha McEnery is in receipt of 75 per cent of her full salary even though she is currently suspended from her duties and has been for the last 22 months.

The decision on whether she is allowed to return to her post should be announced within the next few days.  It is thought unlikely that McEnery will agree to resign from her perfect job as she has previously expressed that it is her “deepest aspiration” to remain and continue working with the force.

The 42-year-old, from Listowel in Co Kerry, narrowly avoided serving a jail term unlike John Burke and Daniel Hickey, McEnery’s former colleagues from the Garda, who were sentenced on Monday at Waterford Circuit Court over an attack on Anthony Holness. The two shamed ex-Garda officers Burke and Hickey will be serving out their punishment at a special protection jail unit. Other inmates at the facility include convicted killers and four other former police officers.

Burke was sentenced to two years with 12 months of that suspended and Hickey three years with 18 months suspended. At present they are being housed on the Midland Prison segregation landing, in an attempt to prevent attacks by the other inmates.

McEnery was spared jail and received a four month suspended sentence for the part she played in the attack on Mr Holness back in January last year.  Previous to the offence, McEnery had a promising career with the Garda Siochana, landing the role of sergeant three years ago.

She has not indicated she is willing to give up her position and her defence team even claim her deepest wish is to stay as a Garda officer. It is yet unknown what the decision on the continuation of McEnery’s career in the Garda is likely to be.

 Convicted Garda Fights To Remain On The Job

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