Roosevelt University Retention Rates Continue To Disappoint

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USA-According to a report released last week by Complete College America, student retention rates are falling across the USA and Roosevelt University is amongst several in the US where the number of students achieving graduation is stagnant.

The Office Of Institutional Research Statistics show that freshman retention rates were 56.4% in 2009, a 5% increase on the previous year. However, the results also show a drop of almost 13% when compared to the 69.6% retention rate in 2007.

Associate Director at the Office of Institutional Research Laura Kehoe explained that results for 2010 had not yet been collated but it is expected that retention will hopefully be around 66%. This figure is an improvement on the 2009 results, but still lower than Roosevelt University’s Vice President of Enrolment Management and Student Services would like.

According to McKee staff at Roosevelt University are working hard to increase rates of retention by increasing student engagement and offering more support to struggling students to ensure that they continue their education to the point of graduation. McKee asserted that the main priority of all university staff was to create a ‘sustainable environment’ in which students felt supported and enabled to finish their studies.

The report, which was released by Complete College America, cited the expense of university fees and commitment to work and family as important factors contributing to lack of student retention. However, results also found that many students who had chosen not to complete their studies had cited the requirement to undertake several courses that did not relate to the profession they were planning to take up on graduation as an intrinsic factor in their decision not to complete a course.

Roosevelt University’s Academic Success Centre is a service available to all students who may need help improving their grades. The centre offers four different programmes which are intended to help struggling students to improve academically and relieve some of the pressure on them, which will hopefully encourage them to stay on at college and graduate.

Nancy Litke, the centre’s Director, explained that students who attend courses have a higher retention rate than students overall.

 Roosevelt University Retention Rates Continue To Disappoint

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